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Twinkle Soft Chunky Yarn - Bulky

Twinkle "Soft Chunky" was developed by designer Wenlan Chia for her Twinkle Handknits Collection. This yarn is a super-soft 100% virgin wool in the bulky/chunky category with a very loose twist — like roving. This loose twist allows for the yarn to be knitted at a large gauge (on average 1.5 to 2 stitches/inch) while keeping the finished garments from getting too heavy.

At this gauge the stitches are so large that even in Stockinette Stitch, the stitches themselves become a wonderful design element. Wenlan’s designs in Soft Chunky are innovative and knit up super fast. For the color palette Wenlan chose a mix of current fashion and classic vintage shades.

Please Note Regarding Availability

The colors available in the drop-down box are in-stock and ready-to-ship. The following colors will be available starting January, 2013 - please contact us via email or call us to pre-order, and you can pay when ready-to-ship:

10 Kelly Green
18 Frengh Grey
61 Moss
86 Clay
94 Lagoon
96 Prune
97 Beet
99 Sienna
100 Mustard
102 China Blue

Twinkle Soft Chunky Colors

Twinkle Soft Chunky Yarns

Yarn Specifications

100% Wool
Length per Skein:
83 yards
Weight per Skein:
200 grams
Weight Category:
AverageGauge: 1 1/2 to 2 stitches per inch on US 15 to 19
Care Instructions:
Hand wash cold, dry flat
Storage tips:
For long-term storage, make sure this yarn is in a moth-proofed environment. Clean, clear plastic containers work extremely well. You can also wrap the garment in archival tissue paper to extend garment life.

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Order Twinkle's Seventh Avenue Pattern Book

Twinkle's Seventh Avenue

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