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JaggerSpun Heather Yarn , 3/8 Sport Weight

The Heather line by JaggerSpun is a top-dyed worsted spun wool yarn. The beautiful heather effect is created by blending together many different shades to achieve each unique yarn color.

JaggerSpun's Heather yarns will loft and become softer after washing. Tip: as with all natural wool yarns, try using a little hair conditioner instead of fabric softener when washing and see for yourself!

Here's a useful fact that you might want to consider: it takes on average about one (1) cone of yarn to make a sweater. Compare the cost-effectiveness of working straight from cones for your projects. You will avoid dealing with "joins" and your work will be faster and more fluid.

Meet A Variety Of Pattern Gauges

One of the hallmarks of the yarns manufactured by JaggerSpun and Jagger Brothers is their unsurpassed textural and color consistencies – accompanied by the fact that their yarns have a very low occurrence of knots when compared to yarns available through other manufacturers.  The Heather line has these characteristics, thus offering knitters an incredible amount of versatility when knitting using 2, 3, or more plies together straight out of the balls or cones purchased:  the results appear as though the original yarn had been spun using these “plies” to begin with.  Knit or crochet combining different color plies to obtain special effects. Combine using yarns from our other lines for trims and many other special effects.

Use for knitting, machine knitting, weaving, crochet, dying … the creative possibilities are endless. This yarn line can be used successfuly in felting projects.


Color Card

The Heather 3/8 sport weight yarn line is manufactured in all colors shown on the color card below.

Click image to view larger color card



  • Three-season yarn
  • Versatile as it allows you to meet any pattern gauge by either knitting with more strands and/or adjusting the needle size until you obtain your desired finish.
    Note: as with any yarn, always knit a test swatch and block before starting your projects.
  • Beautiful colors that lend themselves to an infinite array of creative possibilities by mixing contrasting and/or complementary colors
  • Can be used for weaving, crochet, tambour embroidery, beaded knits, and more
  • Great for machine knitting — take advantage of the latest fashions!
  • Can be used successfully in felting projects
  • Lends itself to create wonderful everyday garments with great durability


Special Note for Yarn Dyers

If you are interested in dyeing, the best color to use in the Heather line is the “Edelweiss” color.


Small and Custom Quantities Available

If you want to make a swatch to determine your gauge before ordering the correct amount of yarn for your project, or don't need a full cone of yarn, we offer this yarn in small and/or custom quantities.


Heather 3/8 Sport Weight Yarn Specifications

100% medium grade wool, not mothproofed
Length per Cone:

1490 yards/lb

Length per 2-oz:
186 yards
Weight per Cone:
Slightly over 1 lb.

3/8 sport weight

Care Instructions:
  • Hand wash lukewarm, do not bleach (Eucelan is perfect for this yarn)
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Can be dry cleaned
  • Cool iron can be used under a
    pressing cloth, never iron wet
  • Do not tumble dry
Storage tips:
For long-term storage, make sure this yarn is in a moth-proofed environment. Clean, clear plastic containers work extremely well. You can also wrap the garment in archival tissue paper to extend garment life.

JaggerSpun Heather 3/8 Sport Weight Yarn

in Custom-Wound Two (2) Oz Balls or on 1 lb Cones.

International buyers: please contact us


Order JaggerSpun Heather 3/8 Sport Weight
in Custom-Wound Two (2) oz Balls

JaggerSpun Heather 3/8 Sport Weight Custom-Wound Balls
$11.00 per 2 oz Ball


Order Heather 3/8 Sport Weight Yarn One (1) lb Cones

JaggerSpun Heather 3/8